Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A bunch of new stuff posted. All of it kind of old, or not exactly up-to-date for that matter. Grand opening of UNBELIEVABLE BIKES, co-owned by Jack Ramunni, Emily Herbeck and myself soon. Will hopefully have other prints photographed soon. Other end of the news desk...... DRUG MONEY Demo#1 officially available from the GIVE PRAISE RECORDS webstore, just in time for it to be outdated. Pick it up in anticipation for our 2nd tape which should be out in y the very near future. T-shirts designed by myself are almost sold out. A new shirt and other merchandise will probably closely coincide with the new tape. We are also embarking on a rather extensive midwest/east coast tour with Albany, NY's COUGHING FIT in July.

Part of a scrapped series of large litho prints.
Untitled- Used condom hand dipped in cement 4,122 times

Screen Captures of The Eventual Facebook Funeral For Elijah Funk

A Realization of My Mothers Fear- Wood, Plaster, Fabric
2 color black on black lino-cut

Lino-cut embossment

2 color Lino-cut

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I decided to create a "new blog" in an attempt to digitally collect my work.
I hope to update it more often than previous online endeavors.

I recently created my own 3D funeral on Facebook- the actual funeral site was created using Google Sketch-Up. To visit the event, and for more information visit-

In the next week I will be photographing my sculptures, and prints from the last 4 or so months that were not capable of being scanned.

In other news- I will hopefully have the new Drug Money t-shirts designed and ready four our short January eastern U.S. tour- The shirts will hopefully closely coincide with the release of our first demo tape.